Friday, May 23, 2014

A much needed update!

After many months, here is finally an update!

My Hindi sisters and I
I've never been so busy in my life. But this is such a good busy, I couldn't be any happier. 

So let's recap my last few months: Hindi class was a great experience. It served as a transition period, learning Hindi, still being in my English congregation, all while going to Hindi meetings on Saturday mornings before class and English meetings on Tuesday evenings in English. My service was split between in English and Hindi. I got the basics of the language down and also got to slowly get to know others in the congregation. 

And so the moment came for me to switch over into Hindi. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be to leave behind my home congregation. My return visits, my friends, being able to comment easily at meetings... And my parents. My mom has been finding it hard, it meant a lot for her to have me with her and my dad at meetings. One older sister nearly made me cry, telling me "how can you leave us Cailey, I don't know what I'll do in service without you." But I had vowed to Jehovah to give him my best in his service, and this was what I had decided to do. I thought I would have my last meeting and be on my way. Little did I know that my friends are THE sneakiest people ever. One congregation supper to say goodbye to the CO and his wife turned out to also be for another couple and myself. With a slideshow. And embarrassing pictures. And an elder telling the whole congregation that when he asked what a young sister likes about me, she said "I like Cailey cause she's really cool." Ways to make my heart melt. And after an assembly, my close friends surprised me at a restaurant. It was a very touching period, to see how many people love you and are proud of you. I'll cherish those feelings for the rest of my life.

Learning Hindi with balloons!
So then off I went to Hindi! April 1st I switched over. No more English service or meetings. I'm using my time to help Hindi as much as I can, even if right now I don't feel like I'm able to help all that much. I'm still struggling with expressing myself freely, with making my own sentences that actually make sense. So I'm trying to take personal interest in all those in my congregation and be able to be encouraging to my brothers and sisters. I'm also loving being in service. So so much. I can't wait to have studies of my own! Every time I do a door, I try and communicate a bit more. Hopefully soon I'll be able to converse much better. Thankfully, many Indians do understand English.
Great times in service
All that to say, I'm very happy in my new congregation, in my new language and my new territory. It is not your typical congregation: we are about 47 publishers, of which 28 are regular pioneers. This month we also have 9 auxiliary pioneers.The publisher monthly average in service (not including regular pioneers) is about 19 hours a month. Of the 47 publishers, around 12 of them are actually Indian. The rest are of different nationalities coming to help where the need is great! Lots of young single pioneer sisters. It is such a great environment. And the territory is very receptive. At our memorial, there were 103 in attendance!
So much happy!

We had our Hindi class graduation on May 10th. Our coordinator of elders did a nice talk to start it all off, and the CO did too, after which we got our diplomas! Then, all 29  students (of which 8 were from the Ottawa pre-group) had a part on the stage. 4 sisters and I translated song 122 (Myriads of Brothers) into Hindi (Hindi only has the first 55 songs translated) and sang it in front of all those in attendance. Others did very good skits, and also a reading from the Bible Story Book on Pentecost 33 C.E. And then, of course, we ate good food!

The Montreal Hindi class graduates

That's all for today, I will write more soon!